Rescue and rehabilitate

Rescue and Rehabilitate

RSPCA Darwin takes in animals that have no one else to turn to, whether due to being lost, abandoned, neglected or worse. Many animals are unwell, haven’t had the best start to life, or are tiny orphaned babies who require intensive care. RSPCA Darwin is committed to saving every savable animal, even if it takes months.

There are no time limits on how long an animal may spend here in the shelter. However, this does mean that the only way to make space available for new animals is to adopt existing animals – this means that we often become full to the brim and have to turn away animals in order to take care of our own.

But you can help us help more animals: you could sign up to foster in order to allow us to help more animals at a time, or you can donate to help us with the substantial veterinary costs of saving every animal that is savable.

If you need to report an animal welfare concern, please click here.