Lost and found

I’ve lost my pet

If your pet is registered and microchipped, ideally you will get a phone call from council, vet clinic or a rehoming group when they are found. However, occasionally microchips do fail, or people forget to update their contact details, so it is important that you also make all efforts to find your pet. Below are the most helpful tips to finding your lost pet:

  • Ensure a photo and details of your pet is posted on Top End Lost and Found facebook page
  • Send a photo and details of your pet (including where it was lost) to reception@rspcadarwin.org.au as well as to the other local rescue organisations, and any vet clinics in your area
  • Contact the City of Darwin, City of Palmerston or Litchfield council rangers to report your pet as lost
  • Ensure your details are up to date on microchips and registrations
  • Put up posters in your neighborhood and on community facebook groups. If you have pet insurance, your cover may include offering a reward for finding your pet.

I’ve found a pet

The best place for animals to be quickly reunited with their owner is at the local council Pound. All the pounds in the greater Darwin region work with rescue groups to rehome animals that are not collected.

Do check the Top End Lost and Found facebook page for evidence of someone searching for their pet, and post the animal on there if you are able.

If the animal is injured, take it immediately to a local veterinarian, who will assist you.

RSPCA Darwin tries to keep our kennels available for animals who have no one else to turn to and we are often very full, so please try your local council prior to utilizing RSPCA Darwin.