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Wish List

Donations of the following items will help the RSPCA Darwin reduce overheads and direct more money to supporting its mission. On behalf of all the animals in our care, past & present, thank you for your support and for making our many wishes come true.

Please call the shelter in 8984 3795 if you would like more information or if you would like to help.

  • Dog Toys for Our Dog Enrichment Park
  • Cat Toys
  • $20 Bunnings vouchers.  We maintain several dwellings on 5 acres, the maintenance is enormous!  
  • Silicon muffin trays perfect for frozen dog treats!
  • Kong's - any size
  • 2l 5l and 10L water pressure spray bottles/kits
  • Plastic disposable aprons
  • Large plastic clam shells to fill with water to keep the dogs cool 
  • Dog treats - raw hide/schmackos etc
  • Large & Medium Dog crates
  • Kitty Litter Trays
  • Metal Frame Dog Beds
  • Moat food bowls for cats
  • 'Cool Mats' from Petbarn
  • 'Cool Bandanas' from Petbarn