How long do you keep the animals?

There is no time limit. We care for all of our animals until they are adopted and keep a sharp eye on the number of days at shelter for each and every one of our 150+ residents. The longer-term animals are the ones we promote the most via social media and ‘Parents for Pets’ TV advertising which is kindly sponsored by Channel 10 and Harvey Norman. These longer-term animals are also the ones targeted for foster care so they can have a break from the shelter.


How do I report animal cruelty?

The NT Government branch Animal Welfare handles all animal cruelty reports in the Northern Territory. You can reach Animal Welfare on 1300 720 386 during business hours or email animalwelfare@nt.gov.au . Their web address is nt.gov.au/environment/animals/animal-welfare

After hours please call NT Police on 131 444

RSPCA has no inspectorate powers in the Northern Territory and therefore we work closely with Animal Welfare in this respect. Any complaints we receive are forwarded immediately to Animal Welfare for investigation.

RSPCA Darwin encourages the community to report any acts of cruelty towards animals to Animal Welfare. Please help us to help the defenceless animals.


How can you work there?

‘It's not easy to work here however it is all worth it in the end, The animals in our care become our temporary pets and we all fall in love with them and get to know their quirky personalities the same as we love and know our own pets at home. So although it can be difficult watching all the dogs and cats we've cared for walk out the door , knowing we helped give them their new chance at a loving forever home is why we all do what we do!’ Courtney, Animal Attendant

‘We do it because we make an impact every single day. This matters because if you want the world to be a better place you need to invest some time and energy into the things that matter. We are the voice for the animals, who are generally unwanted and abandoned, but safe in our care.’

Kerri-Ann, General Manager

‘Seeing an animal being adopted by wonderful, caring people, especially when it has been a long-term resident and knowing all the love and care that has been provided by RSPCA staff and volunteers to get them to this stage, makes it easy to volunteer here. To see the adoptee drive off with their happy new family to start a new life is priceless and never fails to bring a few tears of happiness on the drive home.’.

Foxy, Volunteer

‘Working at RSPCA is tough. You form bonds with the animals, you get to know their personalities, and get to see the sides of them that the public don't. You know their stories of how they ended up in our care, you come into work and see how happy they all are to see you and it lifts your spirits. You fall in love with them even though you know they won't be there forever, you'll cry when they leave; but not in sadness, in happiness. Everything in the end is worth it, knowing you are making a big difference in that animal’s life, knowing that you helped them find a home.’

Shannon, Animal Attendant

‘Knowing that eventually the animals will get adopted helps to ease the concern that they are still there when I go home. I also see how well looked after the animals are by staff who are totally committed to their job and care for them as their own. Walking and playing with the dogs is a lovely way to give each of them special attention and to help teach good behaviour, important when we are hoping they will get adopted. When a dog finally gets adopted we are always overjoyed and share the news. I love volunteering at RSPCA, the dog smiles are a huge reward.’

Leonie, Volunteer

‘I really love working for RSPCA Darwin. I have been very lucky to have worked and volunteered for animal welfare within various organisations in New Zealand and Australia for 17 years. RSPCA Darwin fully meets my ethical standards and my beliefs, and I know that the animals at the shelter are getting the absolute best care and professional service that they deserve.’

Kim, Volunteers’ Coordinator

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