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The RSPCA is Australia's pre-eminent animal welfare organisation. We provide a strong voice for all animals who experience cruelty and neglect. The RSPCA is committed to the care and welfare of animals in the local and wider community, and provide comfort and shelter to lost, abandoned, surrendered, neglected unwanted or sick and injured animals. The RSPCA is a Charity, and not a Government agency, and we rely heavily on donations from our supporters to continue our life-saving work.

Vision:  All animals are sentient beings and deserve our respect and compassion

Mission: To improve animal care in the greater Darwin region through advocacy, shelter and re-homing services


  • Customer Focused
  • Compassionate
  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Ethical

The Darwin branch of RSPCA has very limited resources and cannot provide the services available in other states such as an RSPCA Inspectorate system that can enforce the laws against cruelty to animals. RSPCA Darwin aims to protect animals from cruelty by actively promoting their care and protection, and seek to achieve this mission through the following objectives:

  • By providing a shelter for homeless animals where they can receive the best care we can offer
  • By keeping abreast of National policies and procedures through active membership of RSPCA Australia
  • By providing education in the community to schools and community groups in the humane treatment of animals
  • By participating in community events with a view of promoting the work of RSPCA and raising much needed funds
  • By participating as a member of the NT Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
  • By representing RSPCA on the Ethical treatment of Animals Committee

The objectives and purposes of the Association:

  • To lawfully protect all animal species from cruelty;
  • To relieve the suffering of animals, whether the suffering is caused by cruelty or otherwise;
  • To initiate and promote the passing of legislation protecting animals from cruelty;
  • To ensure by lawful means the effective observance and enforcement of current legislation that protects animals;
  • To take such steps and do such things as may be necessary or advisable in educating all persons in the community in the care, maintenance, control and treatment with kindness and consideration of all animals; and
  • To promote, participate in and sanction animal welfare activities.
  • To meet the requirements, privileges and obligations of the Animal Welfare Act (NT).

  • Chair: Danny Moore
  • Vice Chair: Ryan Sanders
  • Treasurer:  David Hunt
  • Secretary:  Melissa Reiter
  • Board Members:  John White, Tanya Izod, Lea Aitken
The RSPCA Darwin Board of Management consists of 9 director positions, which are elected at an Annual General Meeting.

All Directors bring individual skills and experience to the Board, such as career qualifications or prior animal welfare experience.

There are 4 executive positions, and 5 remaining positions on the Board. Board Members attend monthly board meetings and in the interim, they work on behalf of the Society researching and establishing animal welfare policies, preparing business and finance strategy documents, strategic operational planning, profile awareness initiatives and attending sub committee meetings to address relevant ideas and issues of the day.  

If you are interested in participating on the RSPCA Darwin Board of Management, please contact us at manager@rspcadarwin.org.au

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