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RSPCA Darwin is a Federation Member of the RSPCA, Australia's leading animal welfare organisation and one of Australia's most trusted charities.

The RSPCA is committed to the care and welfare of animals in the local and wider community, and provide comfort and shelter to lost, abandoned, surrendered, neglected unwanted or sick and injured animals. The RSPCA is a Charity, not a Government agency. We rely heavily on donations from our supporters to continue our life-saving work.

Pet of the Month

  • Hi I’m Thunder!

    I’m a super sweet loving old soul with a heart of pure gold! I love to laze around with my people but i also still love getting out for some relaxing (but fun) exercise!

    I’m an all round lovely gentleman on a mission to make your life full of love and memorable times. So if your looking for a partner to make life just that little bit more exciting each day then look no further because i am the man for you!

Calendar of Events

10 Feb 2018

Defence Expo! 

03 May 2017

Purchase your Entertainment Book and help raise much needed funds for the shelter, please click on the Darwin section here.

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